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Xanthes is an xpcom wrapper around the xerces xml parser. It is a validating xml parser that allows you read and write xml from any xpcom compliant language ( ie c++, javascript and python ). The current build runs against the latest (1.4) version of the xerces parser. Preliminary support for XSLT using xalan has been added to cvs. 

The original code was written by John Ky as a thesis project. Many thanks to him for making the source available.

The current version is 0.01. Get it from the download page.

Please direct any enquiries and suggestions to the mailing list

04/04/2001 Xerces XPCOM renamed to Xanthes
Xerces XPCOM 0.01 Released.
01/30/2001 Xerces project created at mozdev

The xanthes project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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